4 Simple Tips to Keeping your New Year’s Resolution

If you’re like most, your first New Year’s Resolution is probably to, “Keep your New Year’s Resolution.”

It can be a real challenge to adopt new habits and disciplines as it takes time, energy and lots of self-discipline which is difficult to change overnight. However, the only reason we make resolutions is to improve life in the new year, which means the entire year and beyond, and not just for two months. According to U.S. News and World Report, 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside come February.

So, what makes this year different than the last, or three years before that? Probably nothing. But for things to change, you must change, and it’s not your habits, but your mind which is the root cause of how you handle the stress and discomfort that comes with achieving new habits and disciplines.

Whatever your 2019 resolutions may be, and whatever it is you need to do to keep them with no excuses, this is the year to achieve success. Below are four simple tips to transform your mind to prepare you for and motivate you into action.

Dream big – Setting lofty goals and dreams that you’ve always wanted to accomplish will inspire you to keep working towards it regardless of how much hard work it takes. It will also inspire your family and friends to cheer you on and give you that little nudge and encouragement to keep going, even if you feel like giving up. After all, we don’t want to disappoint the people we care about.

Acknowledge the discomfort – As with any huge accomplishment, it’s going to take a lot of stress and discomfort to force yourself to do things you don’t enjoy doing to achieve your goal. If you’re goal is to lose weight, then you’ll have to use your mind to control the urge to not eat junk foods as well as force yourself to get to the gym for a workout. It’s the self-discipline that you must practice one little challenge at a time by acknowledging and embracing the discomfort that is required to succeed.

Start with small steps – The quickest way to sabotage your resolution is to expect huge improvements in a short period of time. Set small goals and focus on the little successes which will encourage you to keep going. For example, if you’re looking to save at least $200 a month for retirement but have a feeling it may not be doable, then why not start saving just $10.00 a week? Keeping a much smaller goal in a shorter period is a much simpler task to accomplish. Make a commitment as to what day of the week you will transfer the money to a savings account and make it an automatic transfer. Or, there are many automatic savings apps that can help you invest your spare change. Once you see success for three consecutive months, you’ll celebrate your wins which will also encourage you to save a bit more for the following three months.

Set up small challenges – Challenging yourself is one of the best ways to practice your discipline even if it has nothing to do with your resolution. For example, if there is something you despise doing such as cleaning the house and you end up procrastinating every week, then make it a point to clean the house as soon as you wake up on the weekends instead of doing what you like to do first. Or, do a quick 15 minute clean before heading to work. Small accomplishments make big wins and you’ll feel a much greater sense of accomplishment which will be an inspiration for you to follow through with your actual New Year’s Resolution. Eventually whatever changes you make, will become part of your lifestyle.

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